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St David’s Church, Tudhoe

This article was published on November 3, 2015

We are excited to announce our sucess in securing the contract on a very special project here within the North East of England.  We have been appointed to carry out work on St David’s Church located in Tudhoe, County Durham, a historic building with hundreads of years heritage, replacing all eighteen windows with a gross value of £34700.00. On November 7th 1880 St David’s Church, or as it used to be known the Iron Church, was erected as a church for the people. To suit the needs of the growing congregation this sacred building has been expanded and adapted many times.

As part of the most recent restoration effort ERW have been contacted by Padgett White Architects Ltd and asked to replace the windows in St David’s. These windows date back to the inception of the church in the 1800’s. So to keep with the traditional elements of the church, we are incorporating two historic featured stained glass pieces into a sub frame, which will sit behind the window on the inside of the church. The stained glass used to create these pieces has come from two other Churches that have unfortunately been demolished. By using this glass they hope to keep the spirit of those Churches alive in St David’s.

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