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Triple-Glazed encapsulation: the best of both worlds

This article was published on December 14, 2016

As soon as the big name national retailers start advertising something, you know it’s going to be top of mind for every consumer looking to buy. For windows this has happened most recently with triple glazing.

When all the best components are used, triple-glazing is the most efficient glazing option offered today, but often not available to a listed or conservation protected property where the look of the property could be compromised with such an addition. That is why we have developed a solution to offer customers the best of both worlds. We can do this by maintaining the existing leaded or stained glass and incorporating it into a thermally efficient triple-glazed encapsulated unit.

The process involves simply removing the original glass from the property and cleaning, re-edging and overhauling it to replace any damaged areas. The glass can also be resized. This original glass is then added into a Low E Glass, Argon Filled and toughened unit before being incorporated back into the original or new frame and installed back into the property.

Advantages of Triple-Glazed Encapsulated Units:

  • Preserves original glass in a clean protective environment
  • Improved heat and sound insulation
  • Increased security with toughened glass
  • Eradicates condensation

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