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Edwardian Front Doors to Suit Your Home

This article was published on May 7, 2024

The Edwardian period, lasting from 1901-1910, was a short, art inspired period, following on from a rise in property construction in the Victorian era. Edwardian homes were constructed with simple designs, with an appreciation for handmade craftsmanship, these homes were designed with a light and airy feel to them. With a focus on larger gardens, Edwardian properties were mainly built with red brickwork in suburban areas, and are known for being wider and larger than Victorian homes, and have larger hallways, more windows.

Find out about the perfect Edwardian-style doors to match your home below.


blue Davenport door with lead detailing

As classy as they are durable, our range of Davenport doors make a beautiful addition to your home. Custom-designed to your specifications and design tastes, these doors are bound to increase your home’s efficiency and kerb appeal.

Our Davenport doors are crafted from 58mm thick insulated timber, and are fitted with high-performance locks to keep heat in and intruders out, improving the security of your home. Designed with dual panels and a minister glass lead window design, our wooden Davenport doors are the perfect match for the Edwardian theme of your home.

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ERW Eton Wooden entrance door

Set your home apart with our timeless range of Eton doors. With a focus on thermal efficiency and security, our Eton doors are set apart by its replica lead design and distinctive bolection moulding, these doors will give your home a period aesthetic with modern technology.

These bespoke timber doors are a product of high-end craftsmanship, custom-made to your specifications in over 150 colours, so that you can find a door that matches the character of your home.

Visit our website for more, click here.


Rich in heritage, our premium Linthorpe doors pay homage to the latter end of the Edwardian period, getting its name from the historic Middlesbrough village. With replica lead designs, our wooden Linthorpe doors have the option of custom Heritage styling, adding high-end bolection moulding to emphasise the traditional period look of your property.

Our Linthorpe doors are engineered to last, offering security without the  compromising on aesthetics, with high weather resistance and easy maintenance, these doors make the perfect Edwardian addition to your home.

Visit our website to view our range here.

Popular Edwardian Door Colours

Looking to complement the Edwardian aesthetic of your home, or put your own modern spin on one of our heritage doors? In the Edwardian period, dark colours tended to be the choice of colour, designed to complement the architectural style of the buildings. Common colours included:

  • Deep Green – One of the most popular colours of the Edwardian period is deep green, a rich colour symbolising growth and abundance, complementing the standard red brickwork of these houses.
  • Muted Blues – A dark medium shade of sky blue, a warm colour representing elegance and authority. This colour is a brilliant complement to Edwardian-style properties.
  • Rich Browns – A dark brown can add a touch of warmth and comfort to your period home, or perhaps depth and mystery. A popular colour in the Edwardian era, a rich brown colour will elevate the surrounding red brickwork of your home.

Ultimately, it is entirely up to the homeowner to decide on the colour that they find best-suited to their property, and with over 150 options available, there are plenty to choose from.


For an Edwardian home, we recommend the three aforementioned doors, down to the heritage visual appeal that these doors present, encapsulating the beautiful aesthetic of these homes. However, you may find that these doors are not to your taste, but with our wide selection, you might find we have the perfect door for you, which you can find via our website.

All of our doors are crafted from premium European Redwood, with high-performance locks and excellent thermal efficiency, significantly reducing your energy bills. At ERW, we pride ourselves on manufacturing durable doors with high-quality modern features, with no detriment to the aesthetic of the doors, making them the perfect choice for your Edwardian house.

There’s nothing quite like seeing products in the flesh. At ERW, we have a design studio, where you can work with a member of our team to create the perfect door for your home. Visit our showroom, Skippers Lane Ind Estate, Middlesbrough TS6 6HA.

We also have a digital brochure available for inspiration. You can request a copy here.

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